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Sifainge Cooperative Society (SIFCO) Signs Development of 330 Housing Units w/ Island Expert

Updated: Jul 28, 2018

Male - The Sifainge Cooperative Society (SIFCO) has signed a construction agreement, to construct and develop the Condominium Blocks.

The contract to construct the Housing units was signed by Colonel Abdull Matheen Ahmed, the Chairman of SIFCO and Mr. Anon Songpanya, the Chairman of the Island Expert Pvt. Ltd.

According to SIFCO, the Sifainge Cooperative Society, under this project the contractor will develop a total of 330 Housing units named “SIFCO HIYA” in thee Condominium Blocks.  In each Block consists of 110 Housing units respectively.

SIFCO has previously revealed that the project is aimed for the well-being of Military personnel. Island Expert Pvt Ltd, a strong name in the Maldives construction sector now, assured that the project will be completed within the agreed time frame.


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