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Contract has been signed by the CEO of Island Expert Pvt Ltd Ms.Khadeeja Umeyla and Assistant Vice President of Polene Plastic Company Limited Ms.Dhandida Sriraksa in their office in Bangkok today.

Apart from the contract, Island Expert will become the sole distributor for TPI cement in the Maldives and other TPI Manufacturing (Polene Plastic Company Limited) construction related products which Island Expert will start importing to the Maldives shortly.  Island Expert Pvt Ltd will import directly from Bangkok to Maldives through Vessel shipment once a month or according to the market demand in the Maldives.

With this trust being given by one of the largest companies in Thailand, supplying various construction materials from Thailand will support development in Maldives mostly on Construction sector.

Male - The Sifainge Cooperative Society (SIFCO) has signed a construction agreement, to construct and develop the Condominium Blocks.

The contract to construct the Housing units was signed by Colonel Abdull Matheen Ahmed, the Chairman of SIFCO and Mr. Anon Songpanya, the Chairman of the Island Expert Pvt. Ltd.

According to SIFCO, the Sifainge Cooperative Society, under this project the contractor will develop a total of 330 Housing units named “SIFCO HIYA” in thee Condominium Blocks.  In each Block consists of 110 Housing units respectively.

SIFCO has previously revealed that the project is aimed for the well-being of Military personnel. Island Expert Pvt Ltd, a strong name in the Maldives construction sector now, assured that the project will be completed within the agreed time frame.

Ministry of defense & national security, Mr.Adam Shareef Umar and chief of defense force Major, General ahmed shiyam, visited the on-going work site of 330 flat located in Hulhumale’.

Moreover, they had a meeting with Island Expert Pvt. Ltd. Project contractor. In this meeting, work schedule for SIFCO HIYAA was discussed. Other than minister of MNDF and chief of defence force, state minister of defence force Mr. Mohammed Zuhair, Senior officers and sifaimnge co-operation company (SIFCO) executive board member board member accompanied in this visit.

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